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Pretty Like Drugs

Live Life like You Are Being Followed by a Movie Camera(julian Cope)

A Community To Compensate For Our Culture Rot!
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This is a community for anything to do with glam/alternative/rock and fans of such bands and artists. Bands with beautiful imagery, with makeup and glitter, with angry men and women alike, and femenine men, riot grrrls, feminists, with music that challenges the fabric of our plastic society and pop culture and speaks out for the underdog, its not quite punk, its not quite goth and its not quite indie but has sharp teeth and smudged lippy!
Please post your favourite pictures of bands you like that have cool songs, cool lyrics, that are glamerous or ironic! post information about band gigs, live band pictures, cool quotes, your art, your poetry, your dreams, ideas, upcomming gigs, YOUR upcomming gigs?, make up and fashion stuff, and whatever you can think of to make this community fun and inspirational!

kool quotes From Amazing People We Like:

Katie Jane Garside
“I was walking on Hampstead Heath and I was singing to myself, and I looked up and saw a bird which I felt was looking right at me. "Then as I crossed over a bridge, this flock of birds descended on me. I was cloaked in it. I was crying and cryin and this man was staring at me through this haze of birds. "This really happened," she exclaims. "The God experience. I'm part of creation. I wasn't born and I don't die. I'm here forever. And in that moment the universe rushed to me and enveloped me and let me know that I’m not alone."

Richey Edwards
“People think I'm odd anyway, at school you get those boys who always shout "queer" and stuff and at the time it upset me but now I've almost gone the other way…I love dressing up and its kind of a big "fuck you" to all those people, because it makes me happy and I feel good, and I don't care anymore. This is what I want to look like, this is me.”

'kiss strangers. Drink more. Do what you want, have a baby, believe in narcissus, articulate boredom. Drink piss, get naked, argue constantly. masturbate openly, never hallucinate, exercise sensitivity. Suck cock, fuck its all so empty'

Thora Birch in ‘THE HOLE’
'Have you ever loved someone so much that you didn’t exist anymore?'

Courtney Love
'You can try to suck me dry but theirs nothing left to suck; just you try to hold me down; come on try to shut me up'

‘I want every Fucking girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming’

"The most annoying thing for me to hear about myself is that I'm trying to make people have a pity party for me. Everything that I've gone through has been dramatized by the people who've written about it, not by me. I'm just saying, 'This happened to me, this happened to a lot of people.' Why should I hide shit? Why does that give people a bad opinion of me? It's a reality. A lot of people do it. Courtney Love pulled me aside at a party and showed me her marks." Fiona Apple on self harming

Daisy Chainsaw
The World Gets Weirder Or Maybe I’m Insane

Brian Molko
“We are all forced into these capitalist ideas of perfection, and its bullshit!”

That's how I used to conduct my relationships: I was always imagining the end just as it was beginning."

" People who think it's fashionable to be gay-guys who think that because some of my best friends are gay that they are going to try it out because they are in amilieu where it's cool, but they haven't actually had the desire themselves. In the song, I'm questioning people's reasons for sleeping with someone of the same sex. In the same way that heroin is very hip today, being bisexual seems to be very chic."" It's an exploration into somebody's misogyny yet heartfelt. It's angry, nasty, insulting and completely politically incorrect."

" [...] suicide [...]Teenage heartbreak. That's what the song Teenage Angst is about. When you're a teenager you react to the world around you in a way that's 100 percent heart. And as you grow older, in order to stay sane you you learn to react with a balance of heart and head, and that's what helps you survive. i'm interested in that loss of innocence."

"What I would find amusing, a reaction I would like to create, for example, is for somebody, who in his life has been homophobic, to come to a gig and mistake me for a woman for the first half of the gig, and actually think I was quite cute, and then discover that I was a bloke and have to ask themselves some questions about themselves, you know"

"The prophet is a fool and the religious man is fucking mad, and for the multitude of your sense and your inequity, and the great hatred, this is NANCY BOY "

"We just want you to look at yourself and be scared at what you find "